About Lynn Rochelle


In the early 1960s, Lynn Rochelle enrolled at Lamar State College of Technology in Beaumont, Texas. At that institution, now known as Lamar University, she studied English while holding three jobs, including one transcribing documents for an attorney. Several years after earning her Bachelor of Arts, Lynn Rochelle accepted employment with Broward County Public Schools, a position she held until 2007. While with Broward County Public Schools, Lynn Rochelle taught high school English. She enabled her pupils to achieve their potential both personally and academically through the creation of a welcoming environment and a comprehensive syllabus. As a teacher, Lynn Rochelle also monitored and graded tests. In her leisure time, Lynn Rochelle remains active in a number of charitable groups, such as Susan G. Komen for the Cure, Vanishing Species Wildlife, The Humane Society of the United States, Fern Forest Nature Center, and the American Cancer Society, Inc. Devoted to improving her home of Tamarac, Florida, Lynn Rochelle volunteers at the local community center and garden. Lynn Rochelle enjoys spending time outdoors by traveling, gardening, bicycling, jogging, playing volleyball, and taking photographs. She also spends much of her time reading the works of Harper Lee, Robert Goolrick, William Gay, and Truman Capote.


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